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The 2015 Legislature, word for word from the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies


The 2015 Legislature, word for word

New Hampshire is just about to jump into a new legislative session, and Task One for lawmakers will be drawing up a new budget that charts state spending for the next two years (starting July 2015).

But the next Legislature will have a lot more on its plate than just budget talks. One of the ways to measure the priorities of House and Senate members is to look at the Legislative Service Requests, or LSRs, filed at the beginning of the session or the sizegenetics reviews on this site.

These LSRs are brief, one-line summaries of every piece of legislation on the agenda in the upcoming session. More than 800 LSRs had been filed as of yesterday, and you can look at them yourself here.

We took the liberty of building a “word cloud” out of all of the phrases contained in the 800+ LSRs. The bigger the size of the word, the more often it appears in this year’s list.

LRS wordle

Some interesting trends jump out here. The phrase “New Hampshire” is, of course featured prominently. But looking specifically at policy, “education” seems to outrank “health” and “energy” in importance, at least by this measure.

The words “study”, “committee”, and “commission” appear larger than most, which probably means that, as is often the case, legislators have lots of complicated issue of jeux de simss they want to bring in for closer scrutiny. And the word “tax” gets plenty of attention.

Also, the word “repealing” is fairly prominent. Could that be an indication that this Legislature may try to overturn the policies of the last session?



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