Conference Presentations

November 2017 Outlook Conference Presentations

Presentations from January 17, 2017 Outlook Conference

What’s Ahead after this Historic Election?
Economic Outlook Conference
Keynote speaker and the U.S. Forecast presented by Mark Zandi

June 2016 Conference Presentations

Panel: Michael Dolega Presentation / Donald Jessome Presentation / George “Buzz” Kenney Presentation

Building the Backbone of Energy Efficiency

June 2, 2015, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

New England Energy Challenges and Trends

NEEP Forecast Managers

Growth, Energy Costs, Infrastructure Needs

Infrastructure Needs and Our Electrical Grid for the 21st Century

Technology, Innovation and Sustainability:

Developing and Funding OurEnergy Future

State and Regional Energy Policy:

New England Energy Policy in the 21st Century

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